Catfish Farmers of Arkansas

An Association made up of catfish producers, suppliers/industry related businesses, research/extension/education personnel involved in promoting, producing, and marketing Arkansas farm-raised catfish.

Established in 1975


Our mission is to:

1.      Support research that benefits our industry.

2.      Disseminate information that is useful to our industry.

3.      Support legislation beneficial to our industry and oppose legislation contrary to our interest.

4.      Promote consumption of our product.

5.      Enlist cooperation of and to cooperate with other organizations, associations, and institutions in furtherance of these objectives.

Our activities:

1.      Stay in contact with our various educational and governmental institutions involved with catfish and related aquaculture research and extension.

2.      Communicate, initiate, and monitor legislative activities.

3.      Conduct and sponsor informational activities (mid-year and annual meetings, local fish producer meetings).

4.      Conduct and sponsor promotional activities in the state.

5.      Contribute to organizations that promote our cause.

6.      Disseminate promotional materials.

7.      Publish a quarterly newsletter "Catfish Channel" for our members.